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Healthcare PART 1





A primary care physician is the physician who provides initial contact for an individual who has not yet been diagnosed and also give continued care for different medical conditions. A primary care physician is important in the current healthcare system because they can assist a patient by taking care of their preventive care, diagnose various illnesses and also assist in finding the right specialists whenever a patient needs one. The primary care physician unit is important as it enables one to access a wide range of health services like preventive care, chronic care as well as acute care for various symptoms (Pfenninger, 2004). They also assist in navigating the healthcare system thus enabling an individual to focus on their health. Therefore, primary care physicians are very important when it comes to ensuring the health and wellness of an individual. It is important to regularly visit a primary care physician so as to look out for ones health and wellbeing.

The current employer-provided health insurance system will not last in future. Most of the current problems in health care are due to lack of choice as well as competition to the rising costs. This is mainly due to tax exemption for the employer-provided health insurance (Gilleskie, & Lutz, 1999The calls for elimination of tax-exemption will lead to many companies ceasing to provide insurance for their employees as they will view it as being expensive. The greatest economic distortion brought about by tax exemption for the insurance provided by employees is that workers are restricted to leave one job for another. Therefore, employee-provided health insurance can not be sustained in future once tax exemptions are removed.


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