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A Princess of Mars Name Professor Course Date Introduction Prince of mars is comparable to many other books written in the 19th century. The novel begins with the author discovering a manuscript and remembering his uncles memory. Burroughs has used the instrument well to create the legendary of John Cater and later goes direct into the story. The first chapter elaborates John Caters journey to mass. He discovers that he is stronger than most people in Mars are. Here Burroughs has portrayed John Cater as a strong character physically who can use his muscles to challenge almost anything (Burroughs, 2010). Burroughs has used a lot of time describing the outside world and this makes current readers complain that the author is dumping senseless information. There is no need for the reader to complain because this style was even useful in history. At the end of chapter one, John cater falls in love after meeting the princess of mars Dejah Thoris. Burroughs has portrayed John cater as an extraordinary person who is strong and has fallen in love with the princess of mars. Burroughs has portrayed John Cater as an extraordinary person with superior strength, very attractive, intelligent an

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