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Individual: Project Proposal

Presented by



Date: August 30, 2014

To: Company Chief Executive Officer

From: Project manager

Subject: A proposal to conduct a training program that incorporates all branch managers of the company

Project Name: implementation of a new companywide compliance system using new technology platforms and new compliance policies

Project description

The high rate of technology growth in the present competitive business environment leaves organizations with no option other than incorporating compliance technologies. Implementation of new technological tools helps improve an organization’s compliance programs and make them more effective and efficient. In addition, technology innovations help in the proper utilization of existing resources and minimize unnecessary costs leading to increased revenue (PWC, 2011). The company wishes to improve its competitive advantage through technological innovations. The project aims at rolling out new companywide compliance system that include the introduction of a new technology platform and hosting new compliance policies for the company. In order to ensure full implementation of the project, the company has directed every branch manager across the country to involve in at least ten hours of training to acquire skills in using the new system.

Potential stakeholders

Several stakeholders play a significant role in ensuring the success of the project. The potential stakeholders directly involved in the project are the company Chief Executive Officer (CEO), branch managers, project managers, new system administrators, and the training institution. The CEO will work closely with the project manager and system administrators to ensure all activities run as planned. The branch managers are the main focus for the project. Every manager must undergo a training program, hence, directly involved to the program. Other stakeholders who have no direct involvement with the project include other company staff members, shareholders, and company clients. Other company staff members such as supervisors and other employees will also need to understand the new system. Branch managers will take full responsibility of educating other employees on the usage of the new system. The company will also consult shareholders responsible for the approval of the new system and sign for funds needed during the training period. On the other hand, the company will ensure all their clients understand the new system.

The overall objective and any outcomes for this project

The project’s main objective is to introduce a centralized training program for all branch managers across the country to familiarize them with the new companywide compliance system. The research will be carried out to determine the effectiveness of introducing large scale centralized training sessions to branch managers. The company has never conducted such a training program before, and views from participants are highly demanded by the project. In the end, the project expects total willingness of all branch managers to commit their time into undertaking training sessions.

Evaluation of project success

All participants will be required to fill in a questionnaire demanding to know their willingness to take part in the training session for the purpose of evaluating the success of the project. High level of privacy will be maintained to prevent instances of people intimidating others. A scale of 0-10 will gauge each participant’s response to the questionnaire. An average score of 8 and above in more than three-quarters of participants would mean the project is successful.

Ascertaining the measurable organizational value (MOV) of this project

The following key elements will determine the overall goal and measure of success for this project.

Key areas of impact

The desired value for the project

Appropriate measurements

Time management, and

Agreement amongst stakeholders


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And efficiency. Retrieved from:


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