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LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL Date Senior Vice President Ph.D. Christine K. Wilkinson, Arizona State University ASU Board of Directors P.O BOX 873702 Tempe, AZ 85287. Dear Madam RE BUSINESS PLAN REPORT FOR A NEW SECTION IN THE GROCERY STORE Within this document, kindly find a report outlining the advantages of having separate sections in the grocery store for international students. As outlined, having different sections in the grocery store for the international students will play a major role in the realization of the cultural diversity within the campus hence work towards promotion of social cohesion through inter-cultural appreciation. As a result of the institution, through our professor, requesting us to identify a problem or a need in the intuitions systems and provide relevant ideas and plans to curb it, I did my research on the area stipulated above. I identified the benefits that come along with the fragmentation of the grocery store to sections and made this the foundation for my evaluation of the effects. My comprehensive findings and recommendations can be found attached through the report. Receive my gratitude for your time to read this letter and the subsequent report. In c

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