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Institution Course Tutor Date A Real Catch of a Man Introduction Although a normal relationship between a father and a son in most cases tends to be based on the critical principles of mentorship and mutual love, the author of the story under review presents a father as under-performing. In the story Powder, the author highlights the irregular relationship that exists between the father and son. The story is rooted on a broken home scenario that contributes significantly to the unhealthy relationship that the boy has with the father. In the entire plot, the boy is presented as being not only unhappy but also uncomfortable with the presence of the father. This has negative implications on the welfare of the boy during the first half of the story. He does not trust his father and makes persistent efforts to develop personal plans regarding the future. The negative feelings that he experiences makes him consider his father as being spontaneous a feeling that was aggravated when they hit the road and realized that it was snowing heavily and therefore they could see neither the road nor the fail. Yet despite this ill representation that sees the father as unqualified from the sons point

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