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A Reciprocal Investigation of Charter School Leadership Qualities and Style Submitted by Dissertation Prospectus Introduction The leaders or administrators of any school are supposedly responsible for the academic successes of their forts. Modern academic trends demand that they also be up to date with curriculum application processes, discipline handling means and the public relation tools necessary to deal with ever demanding parents (Marlow, 2007). Marlow (2007) observes that charter schools heads have a responsibility to all stakeholders to make clear and concise communication. Involvement with the community is also crucial as is having character traits like decency, perseverance, honesty, respect and empathy (Marlow, 2007). The distinguishing factor in charter schools is their innovativeness in teaching techniques and learning methods, as opposed to the regulation bound public schools. Charter schools introduce a new dimension in as far as control and freedom in creativity and curriculum development is concerned (Zimmer Buddin, 2007). The skills possessed by the leaders in these schools have significance in that they are not leaders in only instruction methods but will also

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