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A Recreation Program for a Therapeutic Patient Name Institution Contextual Environment The category of the organization, which I am establishing a curative recreational course is Moses Montefiore home located in Randwick. This association handles supported living for persons with or those not having disabilities. The elderly in this association have right of entry to care provided they encompass are physically handicapped. Philosophy of Organization The philosophy of the association is quality of life as well as promoting values. The aspects of quality of life are solitude, poise, comfort, purposeful competences, self-sufficiency, religious and culture welfare, enjoyment, independence, connections, security and lastly significant activities that assist residents to perk up their progresses and their emotions. Policies/Principles In addition, their supporting principles are distinction in care, solidarity, respect, expressive sustenance, nonstop growth, education and staff increase, investigation and best practice, discussion, society, safe surroundings and corporate. Mission of Organization The overriding mission of this association is toaugment the superiority of the life of the e

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