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A Recruitment and Staffing Proposal

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Cover Memo to the CEO for Recruitment and Staffing Proposal


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Re: Recruitment and Staffing Proposal

I am pleased to provide a proposal to the CEO HSS Company on the best approaches to staffing and selection of the top employees in the company. The proposal will highlight the best methods to use when recruiting and selecting the staff members, who have the best qualifications. The proposal will also provide a cost benefits analysis and a comparison of the approaches to come up with the best approach. The other factor in the proposal will be the metric for evaluating the effectiveness of the approaches and provide recommendations for the best approach. The proposal will analyze the best procedures for recruiting candidates, who are qualified to do the job by use of literature materials. The staff recruited by the application of this proposal will be of great help to the company in maximising profits and expansion.

A proposal for Recruitment and Staffing


Recruitment is a process of sourcing candidates to fill vacancies in an organization, who must meet the required qualifications and the stated experience level. Selection, on the other hand, involves the process of evaluation and interviewing of candidates and picking the most suitable individual based on the interview results. Recruitment and selection of senior staff in an organization is a vital process, and the HR, and the staffing office in any organization must be careful to avoid any mistakes. The proposal will discuss some of the best approaches to selecting and recruiting staff in an organization. The proposal will have a recommendation for the best approach to carefully analysing the costs and comparing the approaches. The proposal will deal with a variety of staff members in the higher ranks, such as the managerial level.

Recruitment Approaches

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies are companies involved with sourcing employees from the other firms at a fee. The agencies carry out the functions of staff recruiting, such as advertising, receiving applications, and interviewing.

Employee Referral

Employee referral is where employees, who know a candidate with the required skills, recommend the candidate to the organization’s management for a job. In other cases, third parties, such as the referees, the institution heads, and former employers may recommend a candidate for a job in another company. The parties, who recommend certain employees, may receive a bonus from the recruiting company if the employee stays past the probation period, such as three or six months.

In-house Recruitment

In-house recruitment involves organizations using their Human Resources personnel to carry out the recruitment exercise. The organization’s HRM takes the responsibility of advertising for the job vacancies in their websites, media, or the job-boards. Once they get a suitable candidate, they go on to hire and manage the new employees. Once the HRMs receive the applications, they carry out interviews and select the best candidate.

Approaches to Employee Selection

General Mental Ability

After the company recruits staff and receive applications, selection is necessary in order to get the most suitable employee from many interviewees. The approach of mental ability tests the cognitive power of an individual and how effectively he/she can handle difficult situations. Many companies deal with activities that require complex decision-making and the person recruited should know how to handle and resolve issues affecting the business organization. The tests administered in testing the mental ability can include the aptitude tests and the problem-solving test, which may be oral or in written form.

Structured Interviews

In this selection approach, the interviewing panel consisting of about three personnel have structured questions with ratings so that they can rate the candidate using the rating scores. The interviewee must explain how he/she can handle a difficult situation concerning the job, the colleagues and the management in case of any disagreements.

Situational Judgement Tests

In this approach, questions with multiple choices form the basis of the interview and selection criteria to test the reasoning ability of a candidate. The test determines the capability of a senior employee to tackle difficult challenges in the organization and come up with the best solution. The company can use on SJT for a longer time by producing copies whenever they are interviewing candidates for hiring.

The cost-Benefit Analysis and Comparison of Recruitment Approaches for Recruitment

Looking at the three approaches, the use of recruitment agencies is more expensive but very effective in sourcing for qualified and honest employees. Since the agencies specialise in recruitment of employees for other companies, quality is their priority. Employee referral is a quick method for sourcing employees compared to the agencies, but there is no guarantee of quality for those recruited. In-house recruitment has more benefits than the use of agencies or referrals since the company’s staffs carry out the interview themselves. The method helps to get candidates, who can solve the organization’s problems through closely examining them and offering training.

The cost-Benefit Analysis and Comparison of the Selection Approaches for Selection

The general mental ability is the best method of selection as it enables hiring of the candidate who has the problem to problem-saving at a low cost. In structured interviews, the rating ensures that the most qualified candidate passes the test through the unbiased ratings. The situational judgement test can help to select a candidate with better problem-solving capabilities to help in the running of the company. The method is also economical compared to the other two in terms of costs because the company can reuse the SJT for conducting more interviews.

Recruitment Metrics for the Company

The metrics suitable for the recruitment of the employees are candidate’s satisfaction with a rating of 90%, manager satisfaction of about 85% and a performance rating of 4out of 5. The evaluation period for the metrics will be six months after recruitment of candidates.

Recommendations for the Best Approach

The recommendation for the best approach to recruitment for the HSs Company is the use of In-house recruitment for it ability get competent individuals. The main reason is that the HRM can recruit the best candidates as they know the challenges facing their company than the agencies and the referees. The selection approach suitable for the company is the general mental ability as it provides the candidate with high problem-solving capability. For the senior management staff of the HSS Company, ability to handle complicated cases is necessary, and the approach that provides that is the general mental ability.


Companies require qualified and honest employees in order to succeed in their operations. To achieve this, they must recruit the best staff using the Agency, the in-house or the referral approaches. When selecting the candidate, a company can use the structured questions, general mental capability, and situational judgement tests. There are many benefits of using the approaches, such as assurance of highly qualified personnel, and honest employees.

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