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Executive summary This study observes rich potentials of theatre as an ideally intransitive space for communication and stimulation. It focuses on the general role of theater as a communication tool in the western world. Theatre is a tool for development in the Western world if effectively used. The paper explores three theater methods and communication types that are independently used as tools of communication in the Western society. These three methods include Agitprop method, Forum method and participatory theatre. The paper explores a few cases in the Western world and concludes that theatre has great influence as a communication tool in the Western society. The study is exploratory and introductory in nature. Therefore, it comments on present media reality in the Western world. It explores the rationale for the utilization of theatre as a communication medium and generates discussion on specific areas where theatre is used for development. Table of Contents TOC o 1-3 h z u HYPERLINK l _Toc337218930 Executive summary PAGEREF _Toc337218930 h 2 HYPERLINK l _Toc337218931 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc337218931 h 2 HYPERLINK l _Toc337218932 Missionary role in Japan in the 16th

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