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What a painstaking analysis First of all I have to say, this was well researched and aptly put together. There are more pros than cons for this and one of the main and outstanding is the fact that the researchers highlighted a very important but always ignored aspect concerning youth and sex-the effects of the unsupervised time. The research also revealed the fact that most youth spend a lot of time unsupervised and that trend sort of increases the probability of them not getting involved in after school activities but experiment with sex.It also highlighted another very important aspect concerning where and when youth have sex.The report scores high on reliability in the sense that most of its findings reflect reality for instance when it says that boys are more likely than girls to engage in sex at an earlier age say 14 years and also having a greater number of lifetime sexual partners. One major con in this study is that they used more boys than girls in the study and it also used a bigger percentage of black students-an overwhelming ninety-eight percent, does this mean that th

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