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A Refreshing Apple Name Institution Introduction Brands that have been able to capture the hearts of many users worldwide, and likewise those that have managed to build a strong brand names, brand recognition, and differentiation worldwide are also countable. Apple Inc is one of such companies that, not only has a strong brand name, brad recognition and differentiation, the brand boost of being one the few that have worn hearts globally. In fact, the following this brand enjoys could qualify it for a cult, or just a religion. The running was not always smooth for Apple Inc. In fact at one time the brand was at the brink of slipping into the oblivion. It took undying effort of the late Steve Jobs and his team to resuscitate the brand and raise it to glory it enjoys currently. Every brand needs unique characteristic or practices that distinguish it from its competitors (Bedbury, Fenichell, 2003). Such practices are collectively referred to as best practices. Steve jobs and his team introduced unbeatable unique best practices that that pulled the brand away from the jaws of an anticipating oblivion to the skies of glory (Bedbury, Fenichell, 2003). The unbeatable apple brad pract

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