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A report of the song México Lindo Y Querido by Jorge NegreteMéxico Lindo Y Querido is a song that was composed in the year 1921 by Chucho Monge. The song title translated into English means “Beautiful and beloved Mexico. This song has been made famous by Jorge Negrete, who is a famous actor and musician in Mexico. Jorge Negrete is the performer in this song, since he is the one singing the lyrics written by Chucho. The performer is seen to give the song a characteristic sense of nostalgia (Yarza, 2011).

The singing style in this song is the Traditional rancheras, which is a traditional style of singing Mexican songs. The decision by the performer to use guitars and violins in his performance plays a big role in making the music sound indigenously Mexican. The performer indeed is heard to be breathing properly and manages to maintain a constituent vocal by placing the vowels appropriately as he sang up to the end (Eimbcke, 2010).

There was actually use of falsetto in the song. The singer is heard singing notes higher than their normal and that is how I am sure that falsetto is well used in the song. The lyrics of the music seem to have quit some repetition which brings out the emphasis on the love for the Mexican land. For instance the line that says México Lindo Y Querido is often repeated in various stanzas of the music. The song is passionately sung and brings out the feeling of patriotism as well as pride in the land of Mexico by the Mexicans.

Imagery has been used in the song to bring out a better visual depiction in the song’s lyrics. For instance, there is a line that says, “que son como talismanes “that when translated in English, means “Yes, They are like talismans.” The comparison is what brings out the imagery in the song. The message in the song is that of patriotic love for Mexico and the will to always be associated with the land of Mexico. The type of instrumental accompaniment used by the performer is Acoustic accompaniment.

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