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Professor Course Date Epistemological Perspective A research on the difference between Japanese culture and United States culture In examining the difference between cultures, it is vital to note that there are always different perspectives that apply to interpretation of culture. Japanese culture is a robust culture that is viewable from certain guidelines that guide individuals behavior and perception of things. Conversely, no strict guidelines define the American culture. Rather, the observable behavior and general attitudes define American culture. The epistemological perspective in this research is constructivism. This suggests that social elements develop differently in every social context. These practices may seem natural, but they are products of the given social context (Easterby-Smith, Thorpe, Jackson, 2004 p. 34). Individuals might consciously create a social situation as depending on the social reality that is facing them. There are notable reasons why this epistemological perspective applies to this research. To begin with, it is vital to examine the role of education in both cultures. Education is a critical context that does not just change, but transforms individ

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