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A Research Paper to Determine the Relationship between Education and Employment Name Course Tutor 20th March, 2011. The Relationship between Education And Employment INRODUCTION Education has a crucial role in improving ones life after schooling. There has existed a relationship between ones educational level of achievement and his career advancements and therefore well economic well being. The purpose of this research paper is to find the correlation that exists between educated individuals in their later life and those have little or no education. This will involve data collection using secondary sources. Then the data will be presented using various methods of data presentation. Using descriptive statistics, the data will be presented using appropriate means, for example using pictograms among any other forms of data presentation. The data will be analysed using the various data analysis strategies of inferential statistic, to calculate the correlation that exists between the two variables. The study emphasizes the importance of education to finish high school and attend postsecondary education. It also analyses the benefits of education to students. It also dete

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