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Running Head A Research Proposal on a Study of the Differences in Females and Males in Depression Name Course Tutor Date 1.0 Introduction Psychologists have indentified distinct variations between the manifestations of male and female depressions. Male depression is not as common as female depression though still depression affects a considerable proportion of any given population. For example it is estimated that in every 1 year period, an estimated 9.5 of the American population suffer from a depressive illness, (Weich, S., Sloggett, A. Lewis, 1998). The negative impacts of depression is overwhelming reduced economic productivity, interference with an individuals normal functioning, untold pain and suffering to victims and their families and friends, destruction of family life, negative effects on individuals thinking and actions and in extreme cases self harm and harm of others makes gender based differentiation of depression imperative, (Cadoret, Winokur, Langbehn, et al 1996). Research studies show that several differences exist in terms of causes and effects between male and female depression. The differences are as a result of varying factors. For example societal expectat

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