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A Response to Changes in Parenting and Gender Roles

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A Response to Changes in Parenting and Gender Roles

In the essay Parenting and Gender Roles, the author seeks to outline the various changes and transformations that have occurred in the societal institution of parenting over time. Specific focus is on the shifts in gender roles of male and female parents. Thus, the essay seeks to answer questions as to which roles have changed, what changes are witnessed in homes, and their subsequent positive or negative resultant effects.

The author carries out a comprehensive analysis of the changes that have occurred in parenting and the gender roles. This starts with an analysis of developments in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transsexual (LGBT) relationships. Noting that some children must grow in such relationships, an analysis of emotional effects, psychosocial impacts, and the fact of the possibility of more adoptions is also assessed. Reviewing the stereotypes of men’s involvement in mothering and child caregiving, the author notes the rising cases of single fathers and mothers and the challenges associated with it. Again, it is notable that couples or individuals change their parenting role by choosing not to have children, irrespective of societal prejudices. Ultimately, the author assesses increased participation of women in careers necessitating the sharing of household and parenting chores.

At almost every point, the author backs up their points with reputable academic sources. Three different sources used here include Aulette (2010), Ehrenberg et al. (2001), and Turner and Smith (1983). The timeline distribution of these sources is varied in a way that the views provide wholesome considerations. Again, the author views different situations, each in its context. For example, an analysis of LGBT and all associated facts, then the influence of career and all the rest. In essence, the author manages to answer the questions intended. Nonetheless, the essay does not have a summative introductory clause or conclusion. Again, it leaves out the aspect of families employing the assistance of the house helps and home-based caregivers.


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Turner, Pauline H.; Smith, Richard M. (1983). Single Parents and Day Care. Family Relations, Vol. 32, No. 2 (Apr., 1983), 215-226.

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