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The case between Vriend v. Albearta depicted the difference in opinion with regards to the Canadian charter based judiciary. Justice Frank allocated several pieces judgment on the verdict on the case by safeguarding the democratic charter. Justice Frank was of the view that the Supreme Court has a contemporary function which he defined as a purpose that serves the trustee entitled to the charter and evaluates the duties of the legislature pointing on the specific executives for the interest of the social contract democratically appointed. The dominating matter of judicial responsibility lies between the dimensions of understanding the existing relationship contained in charter based judiciary and the democratic governance. The explanation of the underlying matter is attributed to the study of Hogg/Bushell legislation. The study has fundamentally analyzed important claims from a normative assumption portrayed in the response. The evaluation of the study presents many weaknesses that are tied to the claims and entire assumptions on an open framework analysis. The charter based judiciary cannot be easily sustained on a democratic legitimacy approach. This is resulted by the opera

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