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7-eleven case 1. Provide a summary of the case.

Firms have embraced using big data and analytics. However, as important as analytics have become, human intuition still remains quite relevant. Describe this occurrence in the case. (15 pts)

                                                           We learned about the different qualitative and quantitative forecasting techniques in class. Please explain which quantitative model would best used at SEJ. (35 pts)

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7-eleven case 1. Provide a summary of the case.
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d.     Omni-channel

                                                             Provide a quick summary of SEJ’s omnichannel operations. (25 pts)

e.     Recall that the 7 wastes are key to a lean operation. Are there any wastes in SEJ’s operations? (15 pts)

2.     Please refer to the financial statements at the end of the case for the following questions.

a.     What is SEJ’s 2003 profit leverage effect? Please explain why you, as a logistics manager, care about this number and what the number means. (ie the interplay between revenue and costs) Note: Use “Revenue from operations” (25 pts)

b.     What is SEJ’s 2003 return on assets? (15 pts)

c.      Hypothetical situation: SEJ is deciding whether to partner with Uber eats in Japan to offer delivery services to its customers. Your team runs an analysis, and determines that this partnership would increase 2003 net sales and cost of sales by 5%. In order to let your customers know about this new feature, your marketing expenses increase by 3%. Furthermore, because you are only delivering products from the store, transportation costs increase by 2.5% while inventory and warehousing costs remain unchanged. After running the analysis, do you think that the partnership is a good idea? Why or why not? (30 pts)

3.     Do you think SEJ can replicate Japan’s success in the US? Why or why not? (50pts)

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