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A Plan for the argument for Portfolio Project

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A Plan for the argument for Portfolio Project
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Think about your research process and the feedback you received from your instructor.

What sort of feedback did you receive from your instructor? Share that feedback to whatever degree you are comfortable.
Additionally, now that you have conducted research and completed your annotated bibliography, has your opinion on the topic stayed the same or changed in some way? As you reflect on your feedback, in 200 to 300 words, present a plan for the argument you will be presenting in your paper.

In a few sentences each, identify and explain how you plan to develop the following elements of your draft.

  • ethos, pathos, and logos
  • thesis statement (the paper’s position), based on feedback from your instructor
  • at least two claims, building on last week’s research and assignment
  • at least one counter argument and ideas for rebuttal
  • Note any questions or concerns regarding the development of your argument so that your instructor/peers may provide advice for moving forward.

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