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Active Learning 3- Unit 3 Soc 100 Online. Active Learning – Unit 3

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Active Learning 3- Unit 3 Soc 100 Online. Active Learning – Unit 3
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1) Go online and find the web site of one American political party other than Democrats and Republicans. List the website at the top of your document.Then explain in your own words:

    • their main political orientation (far left, left, left of center, right of center, conservative, far right), explain your answer;
    • their main political ideas concerning the economy;
    • their main political ideas concerning family policies;
    • their main political ideas concerning globalization;
    • their main political ideas concerning education;
    • their main political ideas concerning the environment;

a) What kind of voters does the party seem to want to attract, by age, gender, social class, race/ethnicity? Explain your answer.

b) What party best reflects your own political ideas? (Do more online investigating if necessary.)Would you vote for a candidate from this party or would you go with the traditional republican or democratic candidate? Explain your answer.

2) Go to the web site of the Center for Responsive Politics,

    • Find your U.S. representative or U.S. Senator and find out who his/her major sources of funds were (you will have to do some browsing in this web site in order to be thorough). Were some of these contributors involved in last year’s financial/corporate scandals?
    • Does this funding seem to support a pluralist or a power elite model of political power? Explain your answer, using what you have learned from the textbook.


  • DO NOT copy content from the internet or from the web site. If you do, this is plagiarism. The College has strong policies against it.Everything you write should be from you.
  • Pick web sites from political parties; you should exclude individual web pages, pages from search engines (Google, Yahoo), pages from educational institutions (university, schools).
  • Spelling is part of your grade.

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