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Adolescents living with life threatening illness and the care provided to them Academic Essay

Assignment 2 Essay 2500 words, 50%There are many clinical situations in which end-of-life care issues require sensitive and compassionate care from health practitioners. You are asked to examine an end of life issue that requires you to reflect upon your knowledge of grief and bereavement, and examine how you would support people and their families during the process of dying, at death and following loss. Your answer should be informed by relevant literature and research sources, supported by the use of practical examples from end of life care and written in an essay format. Choose an end of life issue relevant to health care practiceAdolescents Living with life-threatening illness and the care provided to them.Having selected your end of life issue and the age group of interest, you are required to critically examine health practice issues that relate to:a. The experience of grief and its impact on people and their families. b. The process of dying / death and health management practices. c. The challenges of bereavement following loss.Assignment 1 Criteria Comprehension: Demonstrates a critically informed understanding of the chosen topic (15%) ? Demonstrates a sound knowledge of the topic area. Analysis and argument: Provides a critical argument supported by an informed examination of relevant literature and research (25%) ? Examines the experience of grief and its impact on people and their families. ? Critically evaluates health management practices used in end-of-life care. ? Appraises the challenges of bereavement following loss. Demonstrates a satisfactory literacy standard (5%) ? Uses correct spelling, grammar and non-sexist language. ? Uses a consistent referencing style, APA. Scholarly presentation of the essay (5%) ? Writes logically, clearly and concisely. ? Arguments and explanations are lucid, logical and supported.

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