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Alternative Visions and Integration, Modernism and Upheaval

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Alternative Visions and Integration, Modernism and Upheaval
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Please write on both these questions

. • Alternative Visions. Please write five paragraphs and include at least two pictures.

Chapter 16 is all about competing visions. Describe three social or political ideas you see taking hold in the nineteenth century. Discus how the ideas played a role in various societies. Use at least one primary source from the “Competing Perspectives” section of the chapter to help develop your points.

• Integration, Modernism, and Upheaval. Please write about eight paragraphs (at least two pages). Include three or more pictures; note how the pictures help us understand the history.

Discuss how you see the world changing in Chapters 17-19. Show how you see major trends developing in various societies. For this essay, please use at least eight key terms and make them in bold the first time you use them. Use at least two primary sources from “Competing Perspectives” (these sources could be in any of the three chapters). In your introduction, outline the major changes you see and mention which societies you will emphasize in your essay. In your conclusion, tell how the changes you see in Chapters 17-19 may have contributed to the world we live in today.

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