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Answer questions about math

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Answer questions about math
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1. Explain general concept of confidence intervals.

2. Explain relation between margin of error and confidence level.
3. Explain relation between standard error and margin of error.
4. Explain relation between critical value and margin of error.
5. Explain relation between level of confidence and margin of error.
6. Explain relation between sample size and margin of error.


Scenario: Your friend is confused about confidence intervals for sample means.

Prompt: He has the following three questions.

1 What does a confidence interval tell us? What are we confident about?
2 If you hold your sample size constant (i.e., do not change your sample size), how and why does changing your critical value affect your confidence interval’s upper and lower bounds?
3 If you hold your critical value constant (i.e., do not change your critical value, how and why does changing your sample size affect your confidence interval’s upper and lower bounds?

Answer these three questions. Your friend wants to see numbers that help him understand your explanation. Use the examples generated in R_Script_Lecture_6.R to illustrate your answer. You can find the R script attached here and in the Week 6 Lecture Sakai directory.

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