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answering the questions as group discussion

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answering the questions as group discussion
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During this semester, you will work on two different team projects; this week you have met 4-5 individuals with whom you will complete one or both projects depending on how the semester unfolds. The end result of your team efforts will be to share with the class what you and your team members learned about working in teams, in general, and what you learned about yourself, in particular, in relation to team work. In order to better prepare you to describe to the class what you’ve learned, you will write a series of short reflection papers about your own experiences working with your team(s). These papers will help you prepare the final presentation because these questions are specifically directed at various aspects you will address in the final team presentation.


Read each question throughly and respond as clearly, concisely, and descriptively as possible. As you write your papers, be sure to make direct reference to specific concepts from the text (relevant chapters and page numbers should be provided) and to use relevant, detailed examples from your experiences within your team(s). It is important that you fully develop your ideas. When you assert something to be so, provide explanatory detail and examples to support your assertion (e.g., who, what, when, why, what, how). Show that you have put self-reflective thought and concentrated effort into each reflection log.

Respond to each of the following questions:

  1. What is your team’s name? Briefly describe the process your team followed to come up with this name (e.g., Did someone toss out an idea and others agreed with little to no discussion? Did the team brainstorm then vote? What was talked about during discussion before voting?). What is your personal impression of the name? Do you like it? Do you have something you like better? If so, why do you suppose this is not your team’s name?
  2. You have had an opportunity to meet and get to know the members of your team and have likely developed some first impressions of each person in it. Your response should address the team as a whole as well as any individual(s) who stood out in your mind.
    • At this moment, do you feel excited to be a part of this team? Why or why not?
    • What are some of your first impressions? Discuss in terms of Schutz’s Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation (FIRO) Theory [pp. 37-39]. For example, you might say, “most people in my group seemed to be social and democratic members, but I noticed one person was pretty undersocial and another was quite oversocial” and then go on to include specific details to describe specific behavior of different members and explain how you arrived at these conclusions.
    • How do you think these first impressions will affect the way you interact with your team? Address your impressions of at least two people who really stand out in your mind. Describe briefly what the person’s behavior was (e.g., only spoke when spoken to), what you think it means (e.g., “this person is not going to do much work”) and provide at least two other possible interpretations of the behavior (e.g., “this person’s inclusion needs may not be being met by the group” or “this person’s control needs may not be being met”) then, discuss specific ways you think you could address the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.
  3. Discuss any communication apprehension you sense in the group (felt by you or group members).
    1. Complete the PRCA-24 (page 46). What were your scores in each category? What did you learn about your own personal level of apprehension in terms of group discussions, meetings, interpersonal communication and public speaking?
    2. Describe two specific strategies you think you might use to help ease anxiety for yourself and/or your group members (p. 48).

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