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Argue both sides… positive vs. negative with regard to group work.

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Argue both sides… positive vs. negative with regard to group work.
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Being able to work with a group or a team is a valuable skill to have these days, as most occupations require you to work with others. Check out the advice I once gave a client who wasn’t having a good experience working with others.

Case Study 8-Client Name: Ali Lone

Location: Juneau, Alaska

Client Concern: frustrated, unappreciated

“I do not like working in groups. I am much stronger on my own and the group holds me back. Typically, I do all of the work, and nobody appreciates the extraordinary efforts that I make on their behalf.”

Diagnosis: Group-work PTSD, acute recognition seeker

Treatment: Keep an open mind when it comes to group work. Just because one group scenario didn’t work out the way that you thought it should have, it doesn’t mean that all group settings will be the same. The easiest way to change the behavior of others is by first changing your own behavior. Examine the group roles and determine which of these roles you typically occupy. Do you need the group to constantly validate your contribution? Why do you choose these roles? Most of the perils that are associated with group work can be avoided if you heighten your awareness to potential problems. EXAMPLE: Have you encountered a group member who only shoots down ideas but never offers any suggestions? This person is assuming the role of a blocker. Understanding and recognizing this behavior allows you to react appropriately and disengage the behavior. If not everyone is participating, require that each person write down two suggestions before anyone proceeds.

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