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Part One: (650 words)

  1. What is precarious work?
  2. Which workers are most vulnerable in a nail salon? At an Amazon warehouse? Explain.
  3. How have rates of unionization changed over the last 100 years? How has this affected workers?
  4. In your opinion, what are the responsibilities of employers to workers? Government to workers? Employees to employers?
  5. What are some policies that could help improve the adverse effects of work precarity?

Part Two: 650 w0rds

    1. Farmworkers are among the lowest-paid workers in America. How does this make you feel/what do you think about this?
    2. Describe the extra penny per pound rule. Do you think the extra penny per pound rule is fair? Why would someone be for/against this deal?
    3. Some call modern farmworkers as “modern-day slavery.” Do you think this is a fair statement? Explain.
    4. When you are shopping for food after seeing this film, will you look for companies that take better care of farmworkers? Even if the food may be more expensive?

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