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Basic Biostatistics for Public Health Practice

PUBH 6033Week 5 Assignment 1 Hands on SPSS! Instructions For this Assignment, review this weeks Learning Resources, including the 5 step approach to hypothesis testing document. Read the research scenario, below, and then answer the questions related to the steps that must be followed to make the appropriate decision as to reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis. Submit this Application Assignment by Day 7. Research Scenario IQ scores from the general population form a normal distribution with am = 100 ands = 15. However, data indicate that childrens intelligence may be negatively affected if their mothers have German measles during pregnancy. Using hospital records, a researcher obtained a sample of n = 25 children whose mothers all had German measles during their pregnancies. The average IQ for this sample wasx?= 96.4. Do these data indicate that German measles have a significant negative effect on IQ? Test withalpha=.05. Note = population mean x? = sample mean s = standard deviation Note: Each response is worth 6 points Step 1: Set up your hypothesis and determine the level of significance State the null hypothesis 1. In written format Answer: 2. In mathematical format Answer: H0 State the alternative hypothesis 1. In written format Answer: 2. In mathematical format Answer: H1 -Continued below- Determine the Level of Significance 3. Based on information in the scenario, what is the level of significance to be used? Answer: Step 2: Select the appropriate test statistic 4. The appropriate test statistic for the above scenario is the one-sample z-test. What values are compared in a one-sample z-test? Answer: Step 3: Set up the decision rule 5. Based on thelevel of significance you set in step 1 and whether your alternative hypothesis is directional or non-directional, what is your decision rule(in relation to the z-statistic)? Answer Step 4: Compute the test statistic 6. Calculate the z-statistic (must show your work). Answer: Step 5: Conclusion 7. Do you reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis? Answer: 8. Is a childs intelligence negatively affected if the mother has German measles during pregnancy? Answer:

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