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Best Practices for Structuring Presentations

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Best Practices for Structuring Presentations
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Find a set of professional guidelines that considers visual design consistency for creating presentations and discuss them. What are the strengths and limitations of the guidelines that you have found, and what other best practices might you suggest based on your experiences as a speaker and an audience member? Include best practices for presenting data visually. Provide a link to the guidelines or include them as part of your answer.


Textbook: Designing Visual Language: Strategies for Professional Communicators, Chapters 7 and 8

Video: How to Organize and Make An Effective Presentation (cc) (2:38)
This video discusses best practices in organizing your content to help with audience understanding and retention.

Presentation: 17 Tricks to Master Microsoft PowerPoint
This presentation reviews effective and compelling ways to use Microsoft’s ubiquitous presentation software; the techniques can be applied to other presentation platforms as well.

Library Article: Narrative vs. PowerPoint: For Leaders, It May Not Be a Matter of Fact
This article discusses narrative strategies for developing presentations.

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