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Bipolar disorder Academic Essay

Bipolar disorder Order Description Prompt Develop your own individualized final paper topic, which you should be able to cover thoroughly in 12,000?1,500 words. Some topic examples include how exposure to certain hazards during the prenatal period can affect a person at a particular stage of life; gender and cultural development; the effects of peer relationships on development; and the psychosocial considerations of aging throughout the life span. After choosing a paper topic, choose a stage of development (e.g., prenatal) that you will focus on when you write about your chosen topic. For example, if you were to choose ?development and role of attachment? and ?infancy,? your final paper would focus mainly on the development and role of attachment during infancy. More specifically, it might describe and discuss parent?infant attachment styles and how secure versus insecure attachment styles develop. You would also explore ways attachment may unfold or progress in later stages of development as well as the role or influence attachment can play (e.g., relationship development) in later stages of development, including one to two factors that can promote or hinder optimal attachment relationships. If you decide to write about a later stage of development (e.g., adolescence or adulthood), you would then discuss how attachment may have developed or looked like at earlier stages of development and at least one to two factors that could have promoted or hindered optimal attachment relationships in adulthood.

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