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BPA 361 Wk 1 – Need Statement and Management Plan Paper

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BPA 361 Wk 1 – Need Statement and Management Plan Paper
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  1. Grant writing is an important aspect of funding projects in the field of public administration. Understanding concepts is a good start, but learning how to apply what you are learning in real-world situations will help you understand how to see a need, develop a plan, and put together a grant proposal. Throughout this course, you will work on a grant proposal for a fictitious project of your choosing on behalf of a non-profit agency or organization.

    The first step in the process is to determine the needs, as well as the resources available to help you reach your goal.

    Develop a 1,050- to 1,400-word needs statement and management plan that will be part of a proposal. Include the following sections in your submission:

    • Introduction: Describe the characteristics of your fictitious agency or organization.
    • Research: Locate at least two possible funding sources you might contact for this grant proposal. Be sure to identify the needs criteria used by the sources you select.
    • Needs Statement: Identify the specific problem the proposed project will address.
    • Management Plan: Describe the responsibilities of the project directory (you and any staff you will employ as part of the grant team). Explain the teamwork strategies you will employ.

    Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

    Submit your assignment.

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