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BUS-128 – Business Communication

Need help with my Accounting question – I’m studying for my class.

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BUS-128 – Business Communication
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My Class is ” BUS-128 Business Communication “.

I need tutor to handle my online class from A to Z.

The assignments start from Feb 6, 2020 to May 27, 2020.

Important Notes:

– There are specific Due Dates for each assignment, you must complete it at leas one day before the due date.

– High scores “A” are required in this class.

– The tasks are on the Canvas and other websites. You have to read the syllabus.

– Number of attempts for Homework:: Only One Time.

– Number of attempts for Quizzes:: Only One Time.

– Number of attempts for Test:: Only One Time.

– Tasks must be completed in order.

– High scores “A” are required in this class..

<< Syllabus >>

I attached the whole syllabus with the question.

Course Requirements: Discussion Boards, Tests, Research Report – Selling Overseas and Marketing in Another Country.

Please Please, Read everything & the syllabus cheerfully before contact me.

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