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Business Plan and PowerPoint

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Business Plan and PowerPoint
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Business Plan on Owning a Clothing Store in Rogers Park, Chicago, IL

The project will assess your mastery of the core competencies and main objectives of this course. Students are expected to create a written business plan and accompany it with a visual presentation (e.g. PowerPoint, Video, or other media approved by the professor). The topic should be determined by Module 4. “A traditional business plan typically contains three major elements: organization plan, marketing plan, and a financial plan. The organization segment should describe the management team. The marketing segment should discuss who may use the service and/or product. The financial segment should contain the numbers that illustrate how the project is expected to operate over an initial period of time” (Baker, 2018, pg. 309). Example sections of the business plan may include the following: executive summary, company description, market analysis/benchmark data, product/service, operations/management roles, marketing strategies, and costs/funding/revenue projections. A sample format is presented on page 314 of your textbook. I strongly encourage you to consider using Chapter 25 (pgs. 309-315) as a reference.

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