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Capsim Simulation

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Capsim Simulation
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I want someone to login to my capsicum portal. There are 6 short tasks to be completed. I will give the login details once assigned. You have to use a VPN or Tor browser because it is IP sensitive. There will be 6 self-paced rounds that you can process anytime over the next week – This must be completed by 12/3 11.59 pm EST. HR will be available in round 2 and TQ in round 3.

Most everyone beats the computer. Your grade will be based on your BSC compared to the rest of the class – I will round up the highest BSC in the class to 1000 – or 100 points for the top grade. Therefore, I can’t determine the individual grades until all students complete all 6 rounds.

Also note that 6 rounds is all you can do. It might look like you could enter decisions for round 7, but you cannot advance to 7.

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