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CHF nursing situation


CHF nursing situation

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CHF nursing situation
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Patient is a 82 year old male who presented to the ED at 5am for shortness of breath worsening over the past day, PMH includes CHF, HTN, hyperlipidemia, CAD s/p cardiac stents in 2014, DM, osteoarthrtis, BPH, depression, CKD st 3

Admitted for CHF exacerbation, pneumonia, acute on chronic renal disease

You receive him on the floor at 11:30 am, he appears to be alert and oriented, but lethargic, states he hasn’t taken any home meds yet today, has not eaten yet either.  Lives at ALF, uses walker

In the ED, he received IV furosemide 40mg, 650mg Tylenol, 500mg IV levofloxacin and an albuterol/ipratropium nebulizer treatment

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