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Code Coding spreadsheet Survey 1 Survey 2 Survey 3 AGE Gender Ethnicity States Type of crime Coding Strongly agree = 1 Agree = 2 No opinion = 3

Write a short essay that responds to the following prompt. The rubric and requirements for this essay can the Grading Rubrics page under “Course Home”.

By the end of the third unit you should have:

  1. Developed a survey instrument that demonstrates your working knowledge of: a. survey instrument development b. Provide brief explanation of how you would analyze survey data in the test of your hypothesis
  2. Submit the survey/questionnaire in the submission link.
  3. Submit an excel spreadsheet that provides for how the variables of interest will be coded for data entry and at what level you will measure the variables (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio).
  4. Identify the type of variables utilized in your survey instrument.

Please take this assignment very seriously. Provide information that could be used as a basis for your research proposal and your senior seminar thesis. This assignment is worth two percent of your final grade. When in doubt, provide a survey. Most students do not know how they will actually test data from studies that have already been completed.

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