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Communicable Disease Control

NUR4636 – Community Health Nursing

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Communicable Disease Control
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Case Study

Chapter 8

Communicable Disease Control

Knowledge of communicable diseases is fundamental to the practice of

community/public health nursing because these diseases typically spread through

communities of people. The community health nurse has to complete an

investigation about a Salmonella outbreak in the local community that occurred

from food served at a local fast-food chain .

1. Prior to contacting the individuals in the community who are affected with

Salmonella for an interview, what key items must be completed by the

community health nurse in the process of investigating a reportable

communicable disease?

2. What key things should be considered by the community health nurse during

the interviews of those individuals with Salmonella?

3. There are three modes of transmission for communicable diseases. Provide a

brief description of the three modes of transmission. Which mode of

transmission is involved for the Salmonella communicable disease outbreak?

4. There are several strategies used for the three levels of prevention in

communicable disease control. What types of prevention methods and

activities are considered to prevent communicable disease, such as

Salmonella, from occurring in a community?



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