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Community Health Needs

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As you have learned in this module, one of public healths core functions is assessment, which includes monitoring community health status in order to identify public health issues. Do some research on your countys (hillsborough county nh) most recent publicly available community health needs assessment (CNHA).
What are the demographics (e.g., age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, employment status, and education makeup, if available) of your county?What are the identified most pressing health issues in the community?What is your countys plan to aIDress these issues?What are your thoughts on your countys action plan?What recommendations would you give your county on how to aIDress these health issues?Is there a particular framework discussed in this module that you would recommend your county use to aIDress health issues?Please use at least 2 references
Please see attachments for Lecture and CNHA document.



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