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Construct an entity-relationships diagram (ERD) using MySQL and state your assumption

I’m stuck on a MySQL question and need an explanation.

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Construct an entity-relationships diagram (ERD) using MySQL and state your assumption
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Task 2. ERD

Schuffyland Park is a medium-sized amusement park in suburban Philadelphia. The park is required to provide periodic safety reports to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania certifying its rides have passed inspection. They must also keep a record of all safety-related incidents (such as accidents) for each ride. This information also has to be ready for “surprise” audits that can occur any time.

An incident involves both a ride and an operator. All operators and rides are included in the database whether or not they’ve been involved in a safety incident, and the date and shift are recorded each time an operator runs a ride at the park. A ride is described by a name and type. An operator is described by their first and last name. When an incident occurs, its date and time are recorded along with a description of the incident.

Operators must be trained and certified on the rides they operate. An operator can be certified for multiple rides, and the certification is valid for two years from the date they complete their training. The title of the certification indicates the ride for which they are certified. When an incident occurs, it is important that the park can produce a list of current certifications for the operator.

Inspection records are also recorded in the database. An inspection occurs at a particular date and time, with a numeric score from 1 to 5, and notes about the outcome of the inspection. There is only one ride per inspection, even if multiple inspections are done by the same inspector on the same day and time. The information that needs to be recorded about the inspector is their first and last name.

A. Construct an entity-relationships diagram (ERD) using MySQL Workbench for the entities in question A and ensure that you have correctly defined the minimum and maximum cardinalities. B. Please make sure that you clearly state your assumption.

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