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  1. Creative essay: You are 100 years old. You live in Las Vegas, Nevada. You were born and raised in this city. The local media wants to send a reporter and a photographer to your home. They want to interview you and take your picture for publication. They are very interested in you because you have lived here all of your life and have seen many changes in the community during the last 100 years. They want you to talk to them about what you have seen. What would you tell them? How has Las Vegas changed over the past 100 years? What facts and changes do you think would be interesting to the publication’s readers? (Hint: Give yourself a name and a birth date in the in or about the year 1918. Then talk about your first childhood memories of what Las Vegas was like. Then proceed in chronological order, talking about what it was like to grow up in Las Vegas and what it has been like to live in this community for the last 100 years. Select some major historical events that occurred during your lifetime, and talk about your reactions to and feelings about these events. Bring it right up to the present.)

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