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Data Visualizations – (NEED SAS ACCESS)

I’m stuck on a Statistics question and need an explanation.

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Data Visualizations – (NEED SAS ACCESS)
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Please understand data visualization and have SAS access before you take this question. This is my 3rd time posting this question, the first time the tutor didn’t have SAS, the second time the guy didnt know how to use SAS and just sent me back tables of the data.

The assignment is just to make 5 data visualizations with a description about why they’re meaningful in reference to my topic and questions..

1. Data has to be prepped on the SAS system first. Use SAS to identify missing or invalid data in your dataset. Create a report showing the number of missing and invalid data points, if any.

2. I need 5 meaningful data visualizations that explore individual variables, variable relationships and my research questions. Can use SAS or Tableau. (These are meaningful visual representations of the data)

My data and topic: Life Expectancy (WHO) :…

My research questions:

1. Is there a relationship between life expectancy and education?

2. Does the status of the country greatly effect life expectancy?

3. Is there a relationship between deaths under the age of 5 and adult morbidity?

Will provide example of completed assignment..

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