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. Diabetes Management Counseling and Adherence Benefits for patients with NIIDM Academic Essay

Research Article Review and Critique Topic relates to a PICO question: How does counseling and adherence benefit patients with NIIDM? For this assignment, please retrieve and review two published research articles in your area of interest or topic using one of our Library Data bases such as CINAHL or Medline as examples. For the assignment provide the following information:1) Provide the research article reference in strict accordance with APA format Author(s), Date, Title of Article. Journal, Volume #, Issue #, Page Numbers.Note: Please follow APA format closely. Remember that the titles of articles and books are lower cased except for the first word or after a colon (:). Also remember that Journal names are capitalized and italicized and that book titles are also italicized.Please use research articles published within the last 5-7 years. Do not use textbooks, opinion articles, commentaries, case studies, or literature review articles. The research critiques must be original single research studies. Do not critique systematic reviews or integrative reviews as they require different research critique criteria. You are developing your critique skills to assess the strengths and weaknesses of individual quantitative or qualitative research studies.2) Use the specific critique guidelines presented in Polit and Beck (2016) for quantitative or qualitative studies. Please provide the headers and the questions so that it is easy to follow in grading your paper. Answer each critique question, section by section. Provide specific information from the article itself as you discuss and critique these studies so that I can understand the details from the study. Do not just answer Yes or No to the question but make critical comments about the research components of each study. In each section of the critique, you are to identify the strengths and weaknesses, presenting your own rationale (positive and negative critique comments) about the value of this research.I have provide an attachment you with a an example of a literature review protocol that describes the specific critique guidelines presented in Polit and Beck (2016) for quantitative or qualitative studies. It will help organize and analyze information.

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