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Discusion questions and research

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Discusion questions and research
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Both parts must be completed

Part ONE

Discusion questions

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words per question

  • What kinds of components should be included in the beginning of an integrated curriculum unit?
  • What qualities make for good ongoing activities?
  • What components would a teacher include in a culminating activity for a unit?
  • How important is it to have a balance of types of activities in an integrated curriculum unit?
  • Where can you find print and electronic resources to support your integrated curriculum unit?


Look at your Graphic Organizer for your theme study created in Week 2.

  • Further develop your resources by adding a sentence to each explaining how it will be used. Be sure you have identified print resources, guest speakers, field trips, artifacts, and experiments or simulations. Include visual, audio and computer technology resources related to your theme.
  • Organize and create your activities to have one beginning activity, several ongoing activities and one culminating activity for your unit.

    Submit your resources and the explanation describing how they will be used and your list of activities with descriptions.


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