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For this final discussion, log back into Career Cruising. This week, I want you to look at possible employment in the Career you have chosen. Once you log back onto Career Cruising, make sure you log into your portfolio as well. You can go to the Career(s) you saved and click back onto that Career. Click on the left menu bar the says “Job Search” and then “Find Jobs”. Put in your zip code or the area/city in which you are looking. What jobs pop up for you? Go to the websites and explore further. What did you discover? What skills, education, and qualifications do you need for the jobs you found?

Another way to search jobs is to click the “Employment” tab on the top menu bar. Now you can search a variety of career/job titles you might be looking for. Look at part time opportunities and internships as well. What did you discover?

Are you seeking work-based opportunities in your field now? Do you plan to see opportunities while you are in school? Volunteer? Internships? Part time work? Explain how you might make yourself more marketable by gaining experience in your career areas while attending school.

Lastly, I want everyone to create an account to Cuyamaca College’s Online Job Board, CollegeCentral. It is very simple to create an account. Simply put in your student ID and you create your own password. Employers advertise specifically to Cuyamaca College students via our online job board. Once you created your account, you can get notifications of jobs, internships, part time and full time work in the areas you are interested in. You can search jobs for free anytime from home or your mobile device. Log in directions to CollegeCentral are here: (Links to an external site.) (click on “register” to create your account). What did you learn about CollegeCentral?

Lastly, attached are log in directions to Career Cruising.

Make sure to visit the Career Center and/or book an appointment if you need help or want to expand your research. In addition, our Librarian will be available in this Discussion to help you with your library research and how to cite your sources for your paper! Please reach out to Jeremy for help!

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