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I need help with a Communications question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

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For this Discussion, I want you to log back into your Career Cruising account to continue to do research. Login Directions are attached. After you log in to the site, log back into your “my plan” and continue answering questions on Career Matchmaker if you have more questions to answer. This will give you BEST results.

Next, at the menu bar at the top, click “Careers” and then click “Career Selector” on the next menu bar. Then click on “Industry Sectors”. From here, select the industry or industries you are interested in researching. Click “View Results”. What industry or industries did you choose?

Next, go back to the menu bar and click, “Search for Careers”. You will now see and A-Z index of all Careers in Career Cruising. You will also see a “Keyword Search” in which you can put Career Titles you want to learn more about. Try it out. Click a letter of the career title you are interested in and see what you find. What did you find?

Next, choose a Career Title that you are interested in learning more about. This could be the Career you choose to research for your career paper but it does not have to be. What career did you choose? Click on all the items on the left-hand menu bar: Suitable for You? Job Description, Working Conditions, Earnings Conditions, Education, Sample Career Path, Related Occupations, Other Resources. What did you discover?

Click on the interviews for this Career. Are you still interested in this Career?

Attached are directions to log back in to your Career Cruising account. Don’t forget to respond to at least two other students for full credit in this Discussion.

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