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discussion and two replies

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discussion and two replies
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If you were on LinkedIn prior to this course, explain how you use LinkedIn. Why do you use it? If you were not on LinkedIn prior to this course, explain why not and how you plan to use it. Overall, what value can LinkedIn have to an individual?

You are encouraged, but not required, in this discussion to share links to your LinkedIn profile so you can network with your classmates and your instructor.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

Reply 1:
Jenny Melville

I love using LinkedIn and have seen myself using this platform more over the past year. I’m able to stay connected to industry trends, read informational articles and share in the accomplishments of my peers. My impression of this platform is that the information shared is less “drama” and more informational than other platforms such as Facebook. Industry leaders share great information and I use it to stay in the know of what’s going on. I also have used it to Network and grow my connections within the Social Media world and I hope to use those connections in my career growth. Overall, I think that LinkedIn is beneficial for individuals looking to learn and grow from industry leaders and network into new career paths.

Reply 2: Ashleigh Cline

Hello Class,

I did not have LinkedIn before starting this class, I have always heard of people using it but I have not needed it thus far in my life. I have always had little jobs where I did not need a portfolio or anything like that, but now that I am getting closer to receiving my degree I definitely see my future self using LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social networking site that is intended for the business world, it allows you to build your own professional portfolio and helps you research companies and apply for jobs. It is also used for companies and recruiters who are looking for new hires. And that is how I plan to use it in the next year as I finish my degree. I believe that overall LinkedIn has great value to individuals who choose to use it, it allows you to create a profile that professionals can see at anytime.

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