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ENG130 Critical Thinking 4 (3-4 Pages)

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ENG130 Critical Thinking 4 (3-4 Pages)
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Now that you have read the content from Chapters 3, 14, and 17 and have also read two short stories focused on character development, compose a Single Character Analysis that will serve as a single from Chinua Achebe’s novel, Thing Fall Apart (TFA).

Your character analysis should include an introductory paragraph where you note background information (title of work, author and character you plan to analyze) and your thesis should include body paragraphs to back-up your thesis. In these body paragraphs, you will provide in-text analysis of the character of your choosing where you formulate topic sentences tied to your thesis as you cite evidence and then provide analysis.

When you think about quoting, or paraphrasing from another, you can think of the process as similar to making a sandwich: note why you are inserting the quote into your writing; and then, following the quote, analyze why the quote works to further your thesis, or main idea. To sandwich a quote properly you must:

  • Provide a statement introducing the quote (top slice of bread)
  • Insert your quote (something yummy from the deli)
  • Explanation of the quote (bottom slice of bread)

Use specific language from the following chapters in the body of your paper:

  • 14 (Character)
  • 17 (Style, Tone, and Language) when crafting your analysis.
  • 3 (Writing Special Kinds of Papers) – Writing a Character Analysis pgs. 51 to 54.

Be sure to address the “type” of character you are analyzing:

  • round
  • flat
  • dynamic
  • static

As you move on with your analysis note how the elements inform the development of the character you choose to analyze:

  • formal/informal diction
  • imagery
  • figures of speech

Be sure to address and analyze the following as you work to provide a close reading and analysis of the character your are describing:

  • How the character is motivated
  • How language and the style/tone work to provide evidence for your reading/analysis of the character.
  • How formal/informal diction, imagery, and figures of speech inform the make-up of the character

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