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ENGL 1A Discussion:Essay/Structure Outlining

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ENGL 1A Discussion:Essay/Structure Outlining
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PART A. In your own words, define and describe the following terms:

1. Essay Structure

2. Thesis

3. Topic Sentences

PART B. Try to show someone who has never written an essay how to create an outline. How would you explain it, including the terms above? Create a guide, or instructions, for someone new to the essay writing process in creating an outline. Be as creative as you like! Using video, graphics, and any authoring tools you would like is encouraged!

RESPONSE: Sunday by 11:59 pm

1. In your own words, what is self awareness, specifically, and how do we develop it? Why is it important? How does it help us function?

2. What is self management? How can we develop our skills in this area, and why would we want to do so?

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