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English 1 A – Outline and peer review etc

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English 1 A – Outline and peer review etc
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Create an OUTLINE for your first essay prompt, making certain to include a strong thesis (1) and topic sentences (3-5). You do not need to include details/supporting evidence at this point, though you may if you wish and mark it as such clearly.



Topic Sentence 1


Topic Sentence 2


Topic Sentence 3


Topic Sentence 4


Topic Sentence 5


Note: Keep in mind you may not end up using all your topic sentences. Be careful that you are coming up with different ideas; it is common to state the same idea/be redundant by accident by simply restating the same thing in different words. Watch out for this common error! Another tip: read your sentences out loud to make sure they make sense — hearing it really helps! change the wording/phrasing if you need to! Short, concise, and clear is what you are after here.

Context: You have read about Emotional Intelligence and developed a working definition of the foundational skills involved in developing it as well as thought about why it is important. In this essay, you will be asked to demonstrate your understanding of EI (definition) and make an argument about why it is important (persuasion).

Respond to the following prompt in your outline:

Essay Prompt: Craft an essay (outline) that clearly defines Emotional Intelligence.

(*Note: You only need to craft an OUTLINE at this point for the essay assignment the video below : explains.)

Note: You might think about organizing your essay around each of the skills involved in the definition, i.e. you might have one body paragraph about self awareness and why it is important, etc.

Another way to organize it might be to have a paragraph or two defining these skills, and another paragraph or two arguing their importance.


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