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epidimiology and communicable disease Academic Essay

epidimiology and communicable diseaseOrder Description Task: Choose a communicable disease that has public health significance in the area where you work,(working as a nurse in medical ward related) where you have worked or where you hope to work. Your task is to: Justify why this disease is significant to this area with reference to the diseases epidemiology and ecology Describe the broader (national and global) epidemiology and ecology of the disease and justify whether (or not) you think the disease significant at this broader level Describe an existing control measure for the disease in your area, and state whether you think this is working or not. Justify this with reference to how the control measure works, and any evidence that this worksRemember the aim of this essay is to demonstrate your understanding of the principles of epidemiology and control of communicable diseases, therefore when you are reviewing evidence and describing the disease please consider these e.g. potential sources of bias etc.

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