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Exemplification Essay Topics

A common feeling of insecurity when encountering something new is common. Fear of big words, such as exemplification essay topics, can be frightening. This is especially true if it’s your first time hearing these words. You will be able to overcome your fear once you read our guide on how you can choose the best topic from a list provided by

Example of Exemplification Essay Topics for College Use

Although this essay type is not difficult, choosing from a variety of topics for exemplification essays can be challenging. Writing an exemplification essay without a topic is like driving without a destination. Without a clear direction, you will drive around in circles. You will become an aimless driver, which is an understatement. Writing an essay on exemplification without a topic would be like driving without a route. You will not be able to deliver an excellent essay if you don’t choose a topic. You should take the time to choose a topic that interests you. If the topic was given to you by a professor, make sure you thoroughly review it before you begin the writing process. This guide will help you choose the best topic for your essay.

1.     What’s an Exemplification Essay?

An exemplification essay is a popular type of essay that professors love to assign, as they know students are intimidated by the name. This essay type sounds complicated, which can cause anxiety among students when they learn that they will be required to write one. You won’t let the name of this essay confuse you if you read this guide. An exemplification essay is simply an argumentative essay using examples to support a point.

For example, professors will evaluate the ability of students to present an argument and provide specific illustrations in exemplification essays. If you’re writing about global warming and its effects on the environment, it doesn’t suffice to simply state that global warming is causing damage. It is important to provide concrete examples of how global warming negatively affects the environment. Five paragraphs may be sufficient to describe one example of global warming’s detrimental effects on the environment.

If you’re arguing for higher education being compulsory, you could use the 75% figure to back your argument. It is not enough to simply give data to support your argument. It is important to show how the data supports your argument by painting a more clear picture for the reader. You may be required to demonstrate that the paradigm shift from an industry-based economy to one that is knowledge-based requires skilled graduates. The above example uses data to prove the author’s assertion that all should have access to higher education. A good example essay will provide examples that support each point and show why they are true.

2.     Why choose an interesting topic for your exemplification essay?

This type of assignment is usually given to you by your professor. You need to be prepared with a lot of facts so that he or she can see you are capable of completing it. This type of essay has a number of great advantages. You can earn bonus points for choosing creative topics for exemplification essays. Your professor will be able to see that you took the time to choose a topic that interests them. A great process will make the writing process much easier.

You need to think outside the box when choosing a topic for your exemplification essay. Nobody wants to spend their time on boring topics. While there are many websites that offer college students exemplification essay topics to grab their attention, very few of them provide original and interesting topics. You can find great exemplification essay topic ideas by looking through other papers on the subject. You will likely find some areas that are not covered in these papers, which you can then expand upon.

3.     Exemplification Essay Topics

You will be able to write the paper easily if you choose a topic that interests you. Keep in mind that an essay on exemplification requires you to demonstrate your point using valid examples. No matter what the instructions say, your essay must be exemplified as best as you can. If you’re writing about your worst school experience, you must include at least three paragraphs that describe the experience. You should also provide many examples of how it affected you.

Similar to the previous example, if your essay topic was “Why Barrack Obama is an inspiration to young political leaders around the world”, you must have at least three paragraphs that illustrate concrete examples supporting this claim. You might discuss the hardships Barrack Obama faced as a child growing up in poverty. You might also discuss his struggle to overcome racism and become president of the most powerful country in the world. No matter which topic for an exemplification essay you choose, you are free to answer the question with coherent examples that support your claim.

Remember that exemplification essays should include practical examples and be interesting. If you’re writing about a global leader you want to emulate, Bill Gates is a good example. His contributions to technology are well-known. You can talk about all his great qualities but don’t mention his college dropout status. This fact does not affect his ability to lead. You can also do extensive research on the topic to find as many examples as you need. To improve the credibility of your examples and points, it is recommended to search for information online using the most recent materials published in the past ten years. You will find reliable and better information from trusted sources such as educational journals, government websites and libraries at public universities. Untrustworthy sources such as magazines and personal blogs should be avoided. Unreliable sources will only reduce the credibility of the research you do and the essay that you write.

Let’s now discuss the exemplification essays and why it is important to choose an interesting topic. Here are some great exemplification essay topics. You can choose from many topics such as personal, illustrational, or technology topics. These topics will allow you to generate great ideas for your exemplification essays and help you get higher grades.

 Personal Exemplification Essay Topics Examples

  • Your parents’ most important lesson taught by your parents
  • Your best moment in life
  • Your worst moment in life
  • The greatest film ever made
  • The most important lesson you learned during the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Your most precious childhood moment
  • Why you want to go to a foreign country.
  • One thing you would like to see invented by someone
  • If you could, change one aspect of society
  • Your most difficult experience in life
  • You had to conquer the greatest obstacle
  • You admire the talents of others and wish you had them.
  • One conversation that changed my life

Technology and Education Exemplification Essay Topics Examples

  • Should corporal punishment in schools be allowed?
  • Singing is helpful in learning a foreign language.
  • Do you believe that all should have access to higher education?
  • Online classes can replace traditional classroom learning
  • Do you think it should be compulsory to learn a second language?
  • How has technology changed the world?
  • Please describe how a specific technological invention has impacted people’s lives
  • What would life look like without technology?
  • Is the internet able to bring people together or separate them?
  • Technology’s impact on culture
  • Technology’s impact on education

Health and Nutritional Exemplification Essay Topics

  • Nutrition education and its impact on health outcomes
  • Is insurance required to cover alternative medicine?
  • Should marijuana be legalized?
  • Young adults are more likely to be affected by depression and other mental disorders than they were in their twenties.
  • Big data and the healthcare system
  • What can we do to decrease the number of suicide attempts?
  • There are many strategies that can be used to prevent chronic diseases
  • A balanced diet is important for children
  • Why are teenagers abusing alcohol and other drugs?
  • How to stop teenage pregnancies at schools
  • What are the best ways to prevent cancer-related death?
  • Telemedicine and other disruptive technologies are a key part of the healthcare system

Business and Management Exemplification Essay Topics

  • Do influencers help companies market their products?
  • What motivates companies to get involved with charity work?
  • Is there a general negative effect to marketing to children?
  • Why are companies using celebrities to promote their products?
  • Global economic problems today
  • What strategies can companies employ to increase employee productivity?
  • Are loyalty programs still a powerful marketing tool in the 21 century?
  • Are leadership qualities innate or learned?
  • Is it beneficial for an organization to have strict dress codes?
  • Is it marketable to pursue a business course?
  • Do you think it is important to create a positive environment at work?

Media Exemplification Essay Topics Examples

  • The impact of social media networks on relationships
  • Violent acts of violence on television and their effect on children
  • What are the effects of social media on businesses?
  • How social media platforms can be used to spread rumors
  • How social norms impact our behavior
  • What can social media sites do to reduce online bullying?
  • Do you think media freedom should be restricted?
  • How can journalists avoid being defamed?
  • Journalists should be allowed to look into the private lives and affairs of politicians.
  • Journalists should always disclose their sources
  • Do media houses have the right to publish private information?
  • Social media can negatively impact self-esteem and social image.


It is not easy to choose an interesting topic among a variety of topics for your exemplification essays. You will earn a better grade if you choose a topic that interests you. Writing is easier when the topic resonates with you. You should choose a topic that you are familiar with and can find sufficient information online. Writing an effective exemplification essay requires you to make a claim and support it with examples.

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